Robert Duvall and Wife Luciana Pedraza Tangoed Their Way into Each Others Hearts

Publish date: 2024-05-20

If there are two things Robert Duvall is obsessed with, it is his wife, Luciana Pedraza, and tango.

The deceptively simple-looking dance first piqued Duvall’s interest in the 90s after watching a Broadway production of Tango Argentine.

He visited Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he discovered his love for the tango, which eventually became a passion.

Coincidentally, it was in Buenos Aires that Duvall met his current wife. 

The duo met when the actor was heading to a bakery after learning that the flower shop was closed. 

According to the actor’s wife, her friends encouraged her to invite Duvall to a local party, which she relented after some persuasion. 

Pedraza and her friends did not expect Duvall to show, but he did, and at the time, she did not know who the actor was. 

But she said it was better as she got to know the real Duvall instead of the movie star.

Robert Duvall and His Wife

The two got together eventually and found their shared love for tango.

Duvall shared that perhaps one of the reasons he fell in love with his wife was her elegant dancing. 

They tied the knot in 2005. Before tying the knot, The Godfather actor spoke to his father-in-law, who was 20 years younger than him, on the phone. 

He said that his wife’s father expressed his confusion about whether to call him father or son. 

Despite the 41 years of age gap, the couple is rock solid. 

Robert Duvall and his wife at the Oscars. (Source: Herdottie/Twitter)

During an interview on the Oscar red carpet, Duvall revealed why he married Pedraza.

“Women sometimes have more intuition and insights than men, and if you don’t have it, you marry into it,” he said. 

The couple is married to this day and has worked on several projects together. 

One of their famous work is Assassination Tango, a movie that sees a professional New York hitman who gets sidetracked during an assignment in Buenos Aires to kill a despotic general after being captivated by the tango.

It was written, directed, and starred by Duvall with his partner.

Robert Duvall’s Past

Although Duval found a co-star and a soulmate in his Pedraza, it took him much longer than he anticipated. 

Before marrying his partner, he had been divorced thrice

He was first married to model Barbara Benjamin Marcus in 1964, which ended in 1975 after the marriage hit a rocky end.

After that, he was married to Gail Youngs in 1982, leading to divorce four years later.

The actor did not give up on finding love and married for the third time in 1991 to Sharon Brophy.

Unfortunately, this marriage also ended up in divorce in 1995.

Speaking about his failed marriages, the actor acknowledged that he might not have been the easiest person to get along with and said his failed marriages were part of the process of life. 

The actor did not have children within any of his marriages, including his current.

He said that the reason for it was, “I guess I’m shooting blanks.” 

The Lonesome Dove star said he tried starting a family with many women, in and out of the marriages, but was unsuccessful.